VOSD Hospice: “End of Life” care for old stray dogs

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Stray Dogs need to scavenge or fight for food and it requires them to be able-bodied at the best of times. Old infirm dogs, especially those with illnesses find it difficult to find even water and food let alone keep a territory. For the 1st time in India, there is a place for dogs like that – the VOSD Hospice. And the best part is it costs nothing more than your kindness and compassion.

A dog in our care at the VOSD Hospice will have the best protection from the elements, a warm bed, nutritious food, and clean water, palliative veterinary care. VOSD has a strict policy against euthanasia so as much as possible the dog will pass on as natural biological death. When a dog passes on they are cremated or buried at the VOSD Sanctuary with honor.

IMPORTANT: Before filling out this ticket please make sure you have written to info@vosd.in and have received confirmation about bringing in the dog. Any confirmation will be provided on receiving from you on mail (1) a vet certificate on the dog’s age (2) their present condition (3) diagnosis and prescription of medicines if any (4) and a photograph of the dog. We will receive the dog from you on verification that (5) the dog is tick and flea free (since the dog will come to boarding/halfway home first) & (6) has had her DLHPPi + Rabies shots. Please also remember that the terms of depositing the dog at the VOSD Hospice are the same as the (7) VOSD Standard Operating Procedure including access to VOSD Sanctuary, updates or access to information etc.


Please remember the at the hospice the goal shifts from directly treating the dogs underlying disease to keeping them comfortable and content. Hospice does not mean that we will not treat the dogs’ primary problem, but that such treatments should not adversely affect their quality of life. VOSD Hospice is appropriate if your rescue has been diagnosed with a terminal condition and has life-expectancy in the range of a few months or indeterminate.