VOSD Forever Home: Pets of People with Terminal Illness

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If you are a pet parent diagnosed with a terminal Illness and unable to take care of our pet dog(s), VOSD Sanctuary will help you take care of your pet dog(s). Planning for your pet’s future may make you feel sad, but it can also be reassuring to know that you have made the best arrangements for them by giving them a loving home at the VOSD Sanctuary.

VOSD Dog (Pet/Rescued) Surrender is a three step process:

1. Write to info@vosd.in and get approval to surrender the dog. Send in photos and all details of the dog to get approval for surrender.

2.Fill the online form link sent to you and send the order ID

3.Inform VOSD team via info@vosd.in about the date you will send the dog to VOSD, either through a VOSD official partner or through private dog transporter

We do not charge a surrender fees for such cases as the individual maybe under financial pressure due to their illness. The pet parent will have to make the transport arrangements to get the dog to VOSD Bangalore.  In case they wish to make a donation for their pet, they can do so at www.vosd.in/donate
Please note: We do not allow casual visits to the VOSD Dog Sanctuary and do not provide any updates on surrendered dog. We have over 800 dogs at the sanctuary and it is impossible for our team to send out updates on individual dogs. We do allow independent media houses like BBC, CNN, Etc to visit our sanctuary and make documentaries about the life of our dogs. We publish pictures and videos of VOSD Dog Sanctuary on our Facebook page. That’s the only way for the outside world to see our dogs.

IMPORTANT: Before filling out this ticket please make sure you have written to info@vosd.in and have received confirmation about bringing in the dog. Any confirmation will be provided on receiving from you on mail (1) a vet certificate on the dog’s age (2) their present condition (3) diagnosis and prescription of medicines if any (4) and a photograph of the dog. We will receive the dog from you on verification that (5) the dog is tick and flea free (since the dog will come to boarding/halfway home first) & (6) has had her DLHPPi + Rabies shots. Please also remember that the terms of depositing the dog at the VOSD Hospice are the same as the (7) VOSD Standard Operating Procedure including access to VOSD Sanctuary, updates or access to information etc.


Please note that we don’t have a helpline. All questions should be sent to info@vosd.in and will be answered there. Do not send separate emails for each question – reply to ONLY ONE email chain with info@vosd.in. We have only one person managing the helpdesk so please expect a delay in reply to your email.

It is mandatory to send us the vaccination records of the dog with latest DHPPi and Anti-rabies vaccination details as part of the surrender process. Please ensure the dog has been vaccinated before raising the ticket . The dog should be preferably spayed/neutered though this is not mandatory.

The mandatory TERMS OF USE that you accept and agree to when you surrender a dog, can be seen as the VoSD Pet Surrender SOP v2.0.