SURESH: Nearly died with he was misdiagnosed with a giant tumor

Rs. 1,900.00

SURESH has lived with VOSD Sanctuary for 6 yrs since he was barely a month old. He is in almost every video and documentary with his huge smiling face and because he is so friendly. He was wrongly diagnosed after a blood test, sonography and x-ray as having an internal tumor and became critical with a massive infection and the resulting impact on kidneys. The VOSD founder who has hand-reared Suresh the first few months realized the problem was something else. He punctured and drained an abscess which had more than 2 units of blood and pus. In a week Suresh made a full recovery and is back at the VOSD Sanctuary running and smiling as he does.

That’s the magic of the VOSD Sanctuary! Your contribution goes a long way in ensuring not only the future of this dog, but also that funds are freed for the constant expansion we experience. Remember we have gone from 0 to 800 dogs in 5 yrs!

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