Sponsor Water for VOSD Sanctuary

Rs. 3,000.00

WATER URGENTLY NEEDED BY 800 DOGS, 7 COWS & 7 HORSES. PLEASE HELP http://ket.to/water4vosd

Did you know that Karnataka is the driest state in India after Rajasthan? The 2018 monsoon was severely deficient and the winter monsoon never happened. 2019 monsoon is projected to be deficient due to El Nino. Our 2 water ponds have dried up and our borewell is in danger of completely drying as the water table recedes. We have the last water in many square kilometers but we’re already rationing. The VOSD Sanctuary is in a really dry hilly area with water now at > 1200ft underground, when our original depth was 900ft. Our 800 dogs, 7 horses and 7 cows need your help to get water. Please HELP! 

Sponsor half day of tanker water for INR 3,000

Sponsor full day of tanker water for INR 5,000


Donate on Ketto in ₹: http://ket.to/water4vosd
Donate in $/ £ / €: https://www.paypal.me/vosd

Bank transfer in ₹:
Payments in ₹ via RTGS/NEFT transfers
Account Name: The Voice of Stray Dogs
Bank Name: Corporation BankA/c No. (RTGS/NEFT): 520101075883577
Branch Code: 000398
Account Type: Savings
MICR Code: 560017019


For any queries write to us on info@vosd.in

You may  contribute to VOSD Rescue and Rehab with financial assistance. Tax deductions are available on payments for donations in  ₹. VOSD has a tax-deductible status in India with an 80G registration under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) bearing Registration No DIT(E)BLR/ 12A/H329/ AACTT0324Q/ ITO(E)2/ VOL2013-2014.

Payment in ₹ via Credit/Bank Cards
Online payments are processed by the secure PayUmoney gateway on making an appropriate selection on https://store.strays.in
Credit Cards or Banks do not allow subscriptions or standing instructions in India, each transaction needs to be made afresh.


In order to provide long term water security for our residents dogs, cows and horses a 3 stage program is being put into effect:

Stage 1: We are going to drill more bore-wells for water. In the initial prospecting, there were 3 locations in our land and we had drilled on one. We will drill on the next best location now. Given the backlog that drilling companies are carrying it will take anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

Stage 2: To tide over water disruptions till then we will rely on commercially available water and we request you t o continue the support for the period that we make a permanent alternate source.

Stage 3: The large water catchment tanks sides will be concertized to prevent horizontal seepage once the pond has water and we will make arrangements to cover this 12000 sq feet pond to prevent water loss from evaporation. This has to be done carefully since dogs jump into the pond and that rules out any options that let them be stuck or remain unseen.

We conserve, store and recycle every drop of rainwater, gray water, and sewage water. Your support is a critical piece in taking us to the next phase of readiness of the VOSD Sanctuary — to allow an even larger number of animals an even better quality of life in the future. This includes our still pending and financially large upgrade of the basic clinic to a fully equipped hospital, diagnostics and surgery. And upgrade of the incoming power supply since we get only 8 hrs of power a day at present and run massive power backups for our freezers and refrigeration for up to 16 hrs a day.

Thank you again for your consideration and support – from the dogs, horses, and cows of the VOSD Sanctuary.