VOSD LastRites: We cremate your best friend and plant a tree in their memory

Rs. 10,000.00

To lose a loved companion is one of life’s most traumatic experiences. The loss of unconditional love and years of companionship is heart-wrenching.  However, the grieving is quickly replaced by the struggle to find dignity in death for your baby. For anyone who does not have a garden/yard to bury the dog in their own house has limited choices. Find a local vet to hold the body while you find a crematorium or find someone who will bury your beloved dog in an unmarked grave. Or get to the BBMP run crematorium which may not be the place you want to say goodbye. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With VOSD LastRites your beloved companion can have the dignity in death. We will cremate your beloved dog with love , dignity and good vibes from our 800+ babies. And you can collect the ashed in an urn to ensure the memory of your beloved dog lives forever.

This is how VOSD LastRites works:

– Before opting for cremating with VOSD, please send us a mail on info@vosd.in
– Once you receive confirmation you may make this payment.
– You will need to drive the dog to the VOSD Sanctuary which is a distance of 55km from MG Road and typically will take 1.5hrs through traffic. You will receive navigation details on WhatsApp once this 80G payment is made.
– Most of the time 11AM-4PM on weekdays or weekends are OK for cremations.
– Cremations are done on a wood pyre. The ashes can be picked up in 1-2 days in an urn.
– You also get to choose to bring a tree that you wish to plant in their memory. You may give us a granite plaque up to 9″x6″ in size to set at the tree. You may visit the tree once a year.
– Please note that if the plant doesn’t survive due to weather conditions or any other reason, we will replace it with a similar plant. Do make sure to get us native plants of this region to protect the fauna and flora of this area.
– The payment that you make is an 80G payment and goes towards the upkeep of the 800+ dogs that live at the VOSD Sanctuary.


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