Dog Rescue (in Bangalore)

Rs. 3,500.00

VOSD Rescue is available again and better than ever before – powered by our official partners Enablers United. Please note that we don’t have an Emergency rescue service. Our team may take 2 days to a week to respond to the ticket based on availability of manpower.

For Emergency cases like accidents, poisoning, serious maggot wounds, etc. please take the dog to nearest NGO or Vet Clinic.

You may use this ticket to report a dog in one of the following categories:

(1) Indian/abandoned dog/pup with trauma injury (i.e. road accidents or other accidents which are not life threatening), or

(2) Indian/abandoned dog/pup with other life-threatening conditions such as tumors, cancer, etc. or

(3) Dog with extreme skin disease

NOTE: You can’t report a dog here if you have (a) already rescued a dog and is under treatment at home or at a vet or (b) you wish to surrender a dog to VOSD — in such cases please use an appropriate Surrender ticket on the VOSD 80G Store

By requesting this rescue you are agreeing to participate in the rescue you report, by contributing to the cost of actual pickup of the rescued animal which is a fraction of the cost of actual healing of the animal till eventual release which is a part of the ~ ₹ 15,000-20,000 and goes towards the cost that we incur in delivering the best possible treatment, and in case the dog can’t be released if the dog’s condition does not allow that it be returned back to the street, for lifetime maintenance at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary.

VOSD is a private not for profit organisation. We are not funded by the government, and neither do we avail of other public funds unlike other NGOs.


(1) The rescue is powered by our partners Enablers United who are also the partner’s for the medical upkeep of the 750 dogs in our permanent care.

(2) You may determine the availability of personnel and rescue in the timeframe and urgency the dog deserves by calling the helpline 9535646502 before logging the call

(3) Our rescue team will arrive on location at a time and date agreed with you and will make 2 separate attempts to rescue the dog. However if the dog can’t be rescued because you’re not on location, or the dog is not on location and/or cannot be found, or can’t be identified, or can’t be caught, your initial contribution for the mobilisation of the VOSD Dog Care system, will NOT be refunded. Likewise, if VOSD is constrained to suspend the rescue being provided on account of ANY reason that violates the VOSD Rescue Standard Operating Procedure, no refund of amount will be made to you.

Please use your judgement before logging a call and if you are willing to help the cause of rescue of stray dogs and VOSD as a whole and for which you are getting a tax benefit.