Gift a life

Gift the power of life to a rescued VoSD dog. VoSD has made 4300+ rescues in the last 900 days all requiring critical care and has 500+ resident dogs at any time. Each dogs costs an average of ₹ 15,000 to cure and release, if it can be released at all. Most of these dogs require constant and critical care, such as cancers and other serious illnesses involving extensive surgery and procurement of expensive, specialized, sometimes imported medicines. By contributing you are contributing towards the operational requirement for a month for which is ₹ 12.70 Lacs / US$ 20,500 per month at present. This includes:
– Food and food supplements: ₹ 325,000
– Veterinarians and medication: ₹ 350,000
– Rescue operations (fuel, consumables, vehicles): ₹ 250,000
– Salaries: ₹ 345,000

Each contribution goes a long way in helping our effort.

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