About Us

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) as a rescue organization: VoSD is India’s largest & most efficient privately run dog rescue service. VoSD is also the world’s largest website and repository of legal, data analysis and investigative information on stray dogs. More information about VoSD can be see here


‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) as a legal entity: VoSD est. Jan 2013, is a privately run, not for profit registered (No. 4-400419-2012-13) under Section 4 of Indian Trust Act 1982. VoSD is an Income tax assessee with PAN AACTT0324Q.


Tax deductions on contributions to VoSD: VoSD has an 80G (under Indian law) registration under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) bearing Registration No DIT(E)BLR/ 12A/H329/ AACTT0324Q/ ITO(E)2/ VOL2013-2014.


How can I pay in ₹ ? You can contribute on the VoSD Store  by Credit Card, Checks &  Bank Transfers


Why can’t I pay in $/ £ / €  etc? You can’t you wire funds to our account in US$ using a SWIFT code. The Govt don’t want it! The information we’ve provided is for funds transfer in INR not in US$ or another currency. Govt regulations are that a non-profit/trust needs to have an FCRA compliance – which is given by Ministry of Home and requires a financial and security vetting. Just in case we were using the funds to buy nukes and not rescue dogs. Will you be able to transfer funds to our account in US$ any time soon? No. But to be fair the rules apply not only to us but all non-profits.


Why can’t you make a PayPal transfer? PayPal in India will NOT transfer any funds if you’re a non-profit. Not for us. Not for anyone. Not under any circumstances. Even if you have 80G and FCRA compliance. As simple as that.


How do you give to VoSD if you’re not in India? You need to ask you bank to make a demand draft/ bankers check in INR and post it to us. It takes a few weeks for it to clear but that’s OK. You can see one such example here of an Australian non-profit transferring funds in INR