Stray Dog rescue (in Bangalore)

Rs. 3,500.00

Use this contribution to rescue a dog in one of the following categories:

  1. Indian stray dog or pup with trauma (i.e. road accidents or other accidents), or
  2. Indian stray dog other critical conditions such as tumours etc. or
  3. Pedigree abandoned dog i.e. now stray dog, that have no home and can’t survive on the street, or
  4. An old age or dog with any disability that does not allow it to survive on the road, or
  5. A dog with extreme skin disease.

By requesting this rescue you are agreeing to participate in the rescue you report, by contributing to the cost of actual pickup of the rescued animal which is a fraction of the cost of actual healing of the animal till eventual release which is ~ ₹ 15-20,000 and goes towards the cost that VoSD incurs in the and best possible treatment, and for lifetime maintenance if the dog’s condition does not allow that it be returned back to the street.

The Voice of Stray Dogs is a private not for profit organisation. We are not funded by the government, and neither do we avail of other public funds unlike other NGOs. You may voluntarily contribute a higher amount over and above this basic minimum, if you so wish.


We provide a professional service on a best effort basis. Our rescue team will arrive on location at a time and date that is agreed with you and will make 2 separate attempts to rescue the dog. However if the dog can’t be rescued because you’re not on location, or the dog is not on location and/or cannot be found, or can’t be identified, or can’t be caught, your initial contribution for mobilisation of the VoSD system, will NOT be refunded. Likewise, if VoSD is constrained to suspend the rescue being provided on account of ANY reason that violates the VoSD Rescue Standard Operating Procedure v3.0, no refund of amount will be made to you. Please also see the section on refunds and cancellation. Please use your judgement before logging a call and if you are willing to help the cause of rescue of stray dogs and VoSD as a whole and for which you are getting a tax benefit.

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As soon as this dog is rescued it will be taken to The Bangalore Vet Hospital run by Dr. Lohith, to whom we outsource veterinary care. VoSD pays professional fees for these services. The least minimum tests on Day 1 will include a thorough examination, a blood test, and an x-ray, and. Further procedures and support will cost more.

It takes VoSD an average of ₹ 15,000 in the first few weeks of healing a dog; approx. ₹ 10,000 a month for a dog on critical support; approx. ₹  2,000 per month for lifetime maintenance thereafter. Now multiply that by 4500 rescues and 500+ permanent dogs. We’re not funded by the govt or run on public funds unlike other NGO’s. We request you to participate in the rescue you report by contributing in a small way by paying towards the initial pickup.

What VoSD spends, and the mandatory TERMS OF USE that you accept and agree to when you Request a rescue (in Bangalore), can be seen as the VoSD Rescue SOP v3.0.

Please remember, we’re not funded by the government, and neither do we run on other public funds unlike other NGOs. We’re a private non-profit ; and though this is the minimum we expect you to pay for participating in the rescue you report, you may voluntarily contribute a higher amount if you so wish.

A crew of 2 members and an ambulance is sent to rescue the dog you have reported. VoSD uses 4 dedicated rescue vehicles + 4 transporters each with its own crew to cover 1300 sq km/ 500 sq miles driving an average of 400-500 km everyday.

VoSD maintains a full complement of all medicine and medical equipment and a team of para-vets to administer treatment and a handlers. A total staff strength of 25+ people.

VoSD has made 4300+ rescues in the last 900+ days all requiring critical care and has 500+ resident dogs at any time. Most of these dogs require constant and critical care, such as cancers and other serious illnesses involving extensive surgery and procurement of expensive, specialized, sometimes imported medicines. By contributing you are contributing towards the operational requirement for a month for which is ₹ 12.70 Lacs / US$ 20,500 per month at present.